In Feb 2022, our center had the chance to do a virtual site visit with USDOT. Listed below are links to video updates about our Center that were presented. Check them out!

Community Analysis track updates

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Archived News

Research to Practice Transit Symposium

In October 2022, T-SCORE sponsored the symposium where the theme was “translating transit research into practice”. This program offered a platform for transit experts to share insights on how evidence-based research can be used to leverage large-scale investments in transit and rail. Some of the topics discussed also included zero-fare transit, fare collection, multimodal coordination, transit resiliency, zero emissions, strategic funding, cost management, and intersections with public health. Read more about the program here.

Sustainable Travel Workshop

In August 2022, T-SCORE hosted a Sustainable Travel workshop for the residents of the City of Peachtree Corners, GA at Curiosity Lab, in collaboration with the city. Discussions in this workshop consisted of sustainable travel modes and feedback from residents about problems related to sustainability in the city.

HBCU-Georgia Tech Transport Research Forum

In May 2022, researchers with a desire to influence the transportation field from Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) across the South gathered at the Georgia Institute of Technology for the first ever HBCU-Georgia Tech Transport Researcher Forum. The Forum offered a space to discuss opportunities for collaborative research, and had a total attendance of 30 researchers from 13 colleges and universities. Organized by faculty Michael Hunter and Kari Watkins from Tech’s School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, this event sought to bring together diverse faculty with similar research interests to share about their successes, and explore planning future multi-disciplinary and multi-university projects together. Check out more about the program here.

Lexington International Transit Symposium

In April 2022, this international symposium showcased current research of public transit and emerging travel modes. Check out the 15 presentations by the T-SCORE team here.

Visit from Don MacKenzie

Dr. Don MacKenzie of the University of Washington will be visiting Georgia Tech to speak about the interaction between transit and ride-hailing. Ride-hailing services may serve as a substitute or a complement—or some combination thereof—to transit. Automation is expected to further complicate the current complex relationship between these two modes. One significant area of interaction is in travel demand. Professor MacKenzie will share a study of how US commuters’ stated willingness to ride transit is influenced by the price of ride-hailing services and whether the service is provided by an autonomous vehicle. Results indicate that ride-hailing per se might not be a significant competitor to transit, especially if it is integrated as a first-/last-mile service. However, if ride-hailing prices are significantly reduced by automation, the result could be a decline in total transit ridership and an increase in ride-hailing, especially for solo ride-hailing. Another area of interaction is in operations. Professor MacKenzie will introduce an ongoing project aiming to measure bus delay and interference caused by ride-hailing, goods delivery, and other road users. As part of this effort, his team is developing TransitVis, a set of tools for scraping, aggregating, and visualizing transit speed and reliability citywide using GTFS-Realtime data.

2021 Research to Practice Transit Symposium

This symposium was sponsored in part by T-SCORE. View the program here.

2021 Promotions and Defenses

  • Jawad Hoque successfully defended his PhD in March 2022. He is continuing in the transportation field and has joined WSP in Seattle, WA.