The T-SCORE Center tracks a variety of data points monitor the progress of the center and its research.


Key Performance Metrics of Research Activities

Number of refereed and professional publications 8
Number of invited presentations/lectures on research findings 10
Number of workshops, seminars and webinars held on research 5
Number of tangible research products (guidance documents, strategy development workshops, etc.) that can be used by stakeholders to improve transit systems 1

Key Performance Metrics of Leadership Activities

Number of faculty and graduate student awards recognizing excellence 4
Number of keynote or major presentations at national/ international conferences 8
Number of mentions of faculty and graduate students in the media 9


Key Performance Metrics of Educational and Workforce Development Activities

Number of high school students participating in summer camp with transit module 120
Number of universities adopting the transit courses and modules 4
Number of engaged undergraduate research assistants and funded graduate students 22


Key Performance Metrics of Tech Transfer Activities

Number of interactions with transit agencies outside of the Advisory Committee 26
Number of research projects that lead to implemented solutions 0
Number of attendees on webinars and Transportation Camp South 500