The goal of the T-SCORE Center is to move beyond defining the problem and begin to develop the solution of keeping transit sustainable and resilient into the next decade or more. We will do this by articulating the markets that transit can best serve in a competitive environment, and equip planners with the tools needed to translate this strategic vision into their own regions. For example, should they:

  • Replace low-density routes with demand-responsive ride-hailing & microtransit?
  • Defer to micromobility providers for very short trips and invest in skip-stop services?
  • Concentrate on high-frequency service in the most productive corridors?
  • Give a travel time advantage in those corridors through BRT or bus-only lanes?
  • Focus on serving only those riders that need transit most?
  • Implement congestion pricing to push low-occupancy vehicles out of the central city?
  • Invest in equitable & progressive payment options to allow multimodal subscription?

Transit agencies and their partners face many challenges in deciding which of these approaches to pursue and to do so within the constraints for their operating environments. The T-SCORE Center will work with the industry to define a set of strategic visions and to equip local planners with the tools needed to translate their chosen vision into how to operate services in their own community.